Hot Springs

You know, when I think hot springs, an image of a babbling brook pops into my mind with a little pool of warm water off to the side, something magical and oh so beautiful. Practically speaking, this isn’t always the case I guess. In fact, a hot spring can be found in bug infested MUCK! I now know that when we hike I need to make sure it is short, flat, and HAS NO BUGS!! Oh my gosh, I have new respect for people on Survivor, apparently my bug tolerence is VERY low!! The walk out was beautiful, the mountains were gorgeous, we found snow along the road in June, pretty amazing! I was in my nature happy place and thought this is great. But apparently our walk into the wilderness woke up all the bugs and I just wanted to run back to the car. Okay, I stood out there as long as I could, and then I kinda did run back to the car where I sat with the windows rolled up even in the heat. I know, I’m a sissy! 😀 The girlies were troopers, they had fun, it was an adventure… although there was much screaming from my youngest about the bugs as well, it must be a genetic trait! Heehee… I think tomorrow will hold less wilderness for me!!