Is it too mom-ish?

Am I being too much of a mom to cry at Nick Lachey’s “Behind the Music” episode?! I was tired, it was on, and he was so darn sweet! You just can’t help but like him, even if his music doesn’t really do it for me. I’m a sap about some things, what can I say? Heehee… 😀 On the bead front I have finally updated the GALLERY so it is current. Click on over and see the latest in case you missed them when I posted them in the Mart. Next week I’m away from the torch all week so there won’t be any update, mabye a new auction… The kiddos are out of school but I’ve got everyone pretty booked for the summer so I hope to still have a regular schedule. Don’t want you to forget about me or anything!! Not to mention everyone in my house is much happier when I have my torch time… Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!