Just pluggin' along.

It was a busy weekend! I was making beads, hanging out with family and friends, you know, the usual, but somehow I blinked and here I am at Monday! Eeek! I’ve been spending way too much time researching torches… Sigh… I wish that there was a big glass department store where someone knew a little about everything and they could just look at my gallery and say you should use this set-up! It is hard to guess at what will work best. Anyway, as usual I’m beginning to wonder what got me started thinking about all this anyway and I should just quit while I’m ahead! I do however, believe it is good to occasionally rock the boat. Remember my casting class, that was a DUD! But you just gotta try new stuff every once in awhile because sometimes it leads you to great things, you just never know. 😀 Okay, off to eat lunch and then make some beads. Of course I will have beads tomorrow in my online store – www.dudamart.com so check back!! I’ll try to have a sneak peek tonight. Happy Monday!!