Just added!

Okay, I know, I have a place to shop over on Ebay and trust me there won’t be any changes there! 😀 But I often (as you know if follow my site) just gotta try new stuff! I just HAD to have a built in shopping cart on my site… and now I do! Woohoo! Trust me, DH is oh SO happy that I finally figured this out. I often tell him if he’d try to learn this web stuff we could bond over it… but alas, he leaves it ALL to me. 😀 Anyway, I thought I’d try offering a few goodies from my site in my newly added cart. You can find ’em up there in the menu under Available Jewelry (hmmm… I might need a better name, but it’s late, what can I say) and right now I’m offering free shipping!! Woohoo!! Okay, now I must go to sleep! Hope you had a GREAT day.