New bracelet.

I just made this bracelet and I LOVE IT! The bracelet uses some squeezed beads which I think are SO comfy! The other thing that I love about this bracelet is just how busy it is, could I have any more going on in it?! The crazy bead designs paired with the seed bead bars just works for me, what can I say? Right now I’m totally in love with beads that are rectangular in shape and the hole goes through the short side of the rectangle which is why I just bought the beads in the the other photo. Beads like that are hard to find so I splurged a bit at my local bead store. Anyway, the sun is out, I’ve been to a mother’s day tea and the jog-a-thon BBQ already today which was nice. My oldest ran 25 laps and is so proud of herself which is great, apparently however, the track was smaller this year so everyone did quite well! Shhhhhhhh… 😀