Teeth are expensive.

Well we are just venturing into the world of orthodontists… sigh… Sadly, my kids have inherited my crappy teeth. My oldest, only seven, and they already want her to see an orthodontist. Eek! Let’s just say I have a bit of dental phobia… my mom lost all her teeth when she was young and she passed on her trauma to me. I am doing my best to break the cycle. 🙂 So far my kids love going to the dentist, not to mention they have come a LONG way since the dark ages when I was a kid! When we show up, some little cutie in a baseball cap comes and takes the girls back to some happy experience that I don’t even participate in! Woohoo! Until they mention that I need to now go to an orthodontist! ICK! Oh well… I’m sure it will be fine, sigh… but I guess I better start saving my pennies! 😀

Anyway, enough chat about THAT! (I do feel better now though after sharing… heehee…) I also wanted to show my OH SO clean table from my cleaning frenzy last week! Doesn’t it look inviting?! I think so! I better go on up there and mess it up. 😀 I also have my casting class tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes… I have high hopes! I wanna dream up some fun goodies to use with my glass beads!! Alrighty then, hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!!