Art camp.

My oldest is going to an art camp held at the University of Oregon for spring break. It is kind of weird walking on a college campus each day… I realize it is a good thing that coffee wasn’t so big when I was in school or I would have been broke all the time!! There is a Starbucks on campus and so we seem to stop when I drop her off and eek… when I get her too… Usually I’m very good about not indulging in coffee, generally because I’m in too much of a hurry to wait in line, but when I only have to walk five feet it is kind of hard to resist. Anyway, it is spring break afterall and I’m nowhere spring-y… heehee… apparently I’m just having a java holiday! 🙂

Oh yeah… I got all the goodies out in the mail and I updated my gallery in case you wanna see all that I listed yesterday. 😀