I signed up for a class.

Woohoo!! It takes so much inertia for me to do something outside of the box these days! Between two kids and a traveling husband I have to admit that the hassle can often outweigh the benefit… That is why I am so happy I took the leap! Yeah for me. 😀 The class is at a perfect time, only for about 2 months, and literally about 10 blocks from my house. How could I argue with those facts? I hope that it is fun, it is a casting class. (I’m also going outside the box by not doing glass… CRAZY me! ) I just thought it might be fun to design some unique charms and findings. The class is offered at the local University and I have never taken a class at this location before so it is ALL new! It doesn’t start for a few weeks so I’ll keep you posted.

I have also been busy making pods and flowers for Tuesday’s update. I plan to have a few auctions this week. I’ve made a real effort to limit my computer time to make sure I get other stuff done and it seems to have helped. The computer can certainly suck up hours, but usually I’m learning some programming tidbit so I don’t feel that it is a total waste. 😀 You’ll be happy to know that instead of trying to break my blog again I’m trying to break my ebay store… HA! Not really, but I did make a few changes over there that I hope are helpful. I redesigned my listing format making it easier to read. Anyway, that is what I have been up to… other than chasing girlies! Today we are off to a movie and just general getting into trouble. Hope you are heading into a great day too!!