I love iTunes!

Have you got an iPod yet? Found iTunes yet? I use a PC and I LOVE mine so don’t think it is only an Apple thing because it isn’t. I don’t know how I would get through the day without iTunes sometimes! I usually listen to music on my computer now instead of anything else and it great! (Convinced yet?! :wink:) Anyway, iTunes just came out with something called “Just for You” which is where they suggest music based on your past purchases. Nice… Okay, I didn’t like all of the suggestions but some of them were perfect. I hardly listen to the radio anymore so sometimes finding new music isn’t easy which is why I’m so happy that they are now doing this! (I know, it is really covert marketing but sometimes I like to be told what to buy. :D) I used to just click around until I found some stuff that I liked and now I couldn’t stop clicking! Eeek! I’m tearing myself away right now to go clean beads and get ready for tomorrow. I’ll try to have a peek later tonight! Have a great afternoon!!