We had snow this morning! Our first (and only I’m sure) bit of snow and we were all excited! Heehee… The girlies ran out in their pajamas and scooped up snowballs off the car bright and early (6:30a.m.) before it all melted. You know we don’t get much snow when this puny amount gets us excited!! Anyway, it was a sweet way to start the day. I also laugh because we had school buses here in town on snow routes for this small dusting of snow… Yes, everyone freaks when the white stuff falls!! Anyway, I updated the Newest gallery file in case you want to peek at all that I listed this week. I’m also working on a St. Patrick’s Day bracelet that I hope to have done today if not tomorrow so keep watching!! Oh yeah, I went through and organized my smilies so I can find them easily now, so watch out! I’m goin’ a little nuts with ’em! Enjoy your afternoon!!