Okay… I'm ready to return.

Okay, I’m ready to be back. I got my blog back online and then I was just tired of dealing with web crap! Now I feel I’ve had a few days to re-group and gear up for the week. How did I kill my blog you may be asking? Well I took advice from my web host. Silly, I know… trust me, I will NEVER ask them for help again! I do however feel confident about managing my blog now so it wasn’t a total loss. Thank goodness that I had a backup! I have always thought to myself when I made the backups, what would I do with it if I needed it? It was just a process I went through before I tried anything new. I certainly know what to do with it now! Does that mean I’ll be going crazy trying lots of new goodies on my site? NO WAY! If there is one thing I have learned… simplicity rules. No more bells and whistles for me. Anyhoo… I’m just so glad that I’m back and everything is where is should be! I can once again think about beads instead of how I am going to fix my site!! Speaking of beads, I have been making them so I’m on track for my usual Tuesday update. As always you can find my beads at www.dudamart.com if you’d like to shop. 😀 Enjoy your evening!!