Both auctions are up!

Okay you can see my newest bead auction by clicking HERE and the bracelet auction HERE.  The thumbnails are not links to the auctions anymore, they are now just a record for my blog. I figure the auction photo will eventually go away so if I load the photo to my site?it will always be there for me to remember, even when I’m old and feeble. HA!??So if you wanna see the actual auction (using the same photo) click the word link at the start of this post. (Is that clear as mud?) Remember you can always find my auctions at or click the word “SHOP” up there at the top menu?or click the words “view all” over on the side under the Ebay ad for may listings. Whew! Lots of link options to buy my beadies!!? Heehee…… 😀 Okay, gotta get in some guitar hero practice, I’ve been slackin’!