I must say that I am so glad Christmas is over! It is like night and day with my girls. They finally are calming down a bit and just groovin’ about the house! Woohoo! What a difference that makes, I can actually get some things done. Today I spent the afternoon making room for a piano we are going to buy, nothing fancy, it is used and been around the block a bit. My oldest has been playing piano for about 2 years now and we have been using an electric keyboard all this time and her teacher says it is time to make the switch, so we are. Our house, however, is full of stuff! I am a packrat. I am getting better with age, but still, I’ve been packin’ for many years so to make room for a piano is no small challenge! I think I managed it though, which makes me happy, but I’m pooped with all the cleansing that was required to make space. How DID we get so many videos and books? 😯 Anyway, with that done I’m off to put my feet up. Hope you had a great day! I might add a few more Biagi sets this weekend if I get organized. Enjoy your evening!! 😀