Flat tire

Today I pulled up to my oldest daughter’s school only to hear a soft sssssssssss as all the air leaked out of my tire. Darn beer bottle in the street! Needless to say you can imagine the attention I got from all the elemetary school kids, the drama of it all. Of course my daughter scurried off before anyone connected her with my car! πŸ˜€ My youngest was with me though and she took great glee in telling all onlookers what had happened. After a quick phone call Dude drove up and saved the day… Woohoo! He whipped out his huge hydrolic jack and went to work. (Luckily all the kids were in school by now because of course a few expletives were being said… 😯 ) After all that hassle I had the joy of rushing off to get my flu shot! Woohoo! Anyway, as soon as the tire guys fix my tire I will HOPEFULLY squeeze in a little torch time! Yippee!! Hope your day is running more smoothly… But really, without the bumps would it be any fun? πŸ˜€