Don’t ya’ just love Auntie Fannie? We rented Robots on DVD and I just love that show!! Heehee… I also wanted to send out a big thanks for finding the new Mart location. I’m really making an effort to list things regularly over there. With my new schedule I never have a shortage of beads… just time to list ’em! 😀 It is great having time each morning to Zen with the glass, what a splendid way to ease into the day. I even made some jewelry yesterday (while watching the Amazing Race… those kids are so cute!) I’m working on adding some more of my bracelets to the Mart… so keep checking. My thought is to have new inventory every Tuesday… but sometimes I just have to seize the moment and add it when I can. (You know you will find all the details here!!) Anyway, thanks so much for shopping with me and stopping by my site. I am oh so happy that ya’ do!! :D!!