Have I lost my whimsy?

Last night as I made beads I was struck by a thought… have I lost my whimsy? Am I getting old and now view things differently? Will I only make organics from now on?! Only thoughts an artist might have late at night when over tired… heehee… I sure hope that I have more whimsy in me, maybe it is just on hiatus… 😀 I did make a new kind of bead for me so apparently even a new idea can spurt out every once in awhile! I have TONS of jewelry ideas rolling about in the ol’ noggin’ and I am hoping to take a day to make a few soon. I just have not figured out how to work the time in lately! Between soccer, longer school days, and random other family/friend events we have been HOPPIN’ over here!! My oldest went to her first sleepover birthday party this weekend… it was a success! How did she get to be old enough to do that? 8O! Anyway, I know I have some fun flowers (how can those NOT be whimsical?! :)…) for tomorrow along with just a wide variety of other beadies. I’ll have a few auctions and a bunch of “Buy it Now” items. I’m thinking morning again… any votes for another time? If you email me before I start listing I’ll consider any suggestions. Okay, enjoy your night!! 😀