I'm very happy it is Friday!

I just found this jewelry business blog. It is kinda interesting… I saw the link from Eni Oken, you have seen her site right? She rules, if I were only patient enough to wrap with such tiny wire, alas! I just get all mad and throw it in the trash… heehee. Oh yeah, on the subject of cool stuff, here is an EXCELLENT tutorial on silver lined beads. I think I might need to try that! Woohoo, an excuse to buy more tools! Okay, I also need to say how happy I am that Bobby Jon is back… 😀 Anyway, not too much else to report. I have so many beadies laying on my desk ready to be strung into jewelry but it has just been kinda crazy here, getting back into the swing of school again and all. Hopefully I’ll have more to share next week. I should have a new auction on Sunday so check back if ya’ can!! Enjoy your weekend!