New necklace.

Has anyone seen these Pandora bracelets? They look kinda cool. My friend just got one and although I have not seen it, I looked it up online and as one who is addicted to interchangeability (is that a word… heehee…) it looks like fun! After I see my the one my friend bought tomorrow I might need to order one and check it out! I think mixing it with my beads would be very cool. ANYWAY… I’m sharing my newest necklace. Does it look familiar? Kinda similiar design to my bracelets with a bit of a twist for the focal. I really like it because it is fun AND it is comfy to wear. I worked it so that the pendant sits nicely and doesn’t flip or flop about. I’m already planning my next design with lots of flowers. The one shown below was limited by the fact that I was on a trip and only brought ONE suitcase full of beads… heehee… Okay, off to “Open House” at the local elementary school. I will have an auction tomorrow. I wanted to list one today but apparently I was behind on my puttering and spent too much time doing that this afternoon. 😀