Busy week!!

This is a busy week for me!! Today we are headed to the Fair! Woohoo. Okay, not for me, but the kids do love it. I just hope it doesn’t get TOO hot!! Then tomorrow we are headed to the Coast to go to the Aquarium and also stop by the Crowley’s for a small kiln repair. (They make THE BEST kilns! After almost daily use for two years my poor little kiln is showing some signs of age…) Then Friday the birthday mayhem begins!! My youngest turns four and we have way too much planned, but hey, you only turn four once! 😀 Anyway, I hope to have a new auction tonight because I have made some very cool (I think) beads that are a new style for me so I’ll see what YOU think! Heehee… And yes, I’m still attempting to adjust the shopping cart. It has gotten to the point where it just makes my head hurt, I think I might be a wee bit out of my realm of inexpertise… anyone know someone familiar with OSCommerce? 😀 Okay, gotta run. Have a GREAT day!!