Busy day here!

I went with about 20 wee ones on the bus to the pizza place today. Always fun! I’m amazed at how well they do riding the city bus and they just follow directions so well!! Anyway, that took much of the day. Then piano lessons, yes I drag my 6yr. old to piano. I think she has a love/hate relationship with it, but I can only hope when she is older she might appreciate it …or quit. 😀 Either choice I’m sure will be fine. Anyway, I got more brights up on Ebay. Take a peek if you have a minute. I’m hoping to add a few things to the Mart over the next few days. I love the earrings and I hope that y’all do too so I’m giving them their own category in the Mart. I’ll aim for a day next week when I hopefully can add more flowers and I’ll send out a DSA. Hope all is well with you!! Enjoy your evening!! 😀