Hot, hot, hot!!

I tell ya’ I’m just not cut out for the heat! I’m sure that many of you would scoff when you were here as well since we don’t even get past the low nineties on SUPER hot days. For some reason though, I’ve just been outa steam by late afternoon. I think I might be having the realization that summer is almost over (we start school after Labor day) and I’m kinda sad about that. Sigh… Just the old fart in me feeling time pass too quickly, what can I say. Anyway, enough of THAT! I plan to have at least an earring auction tonight, I’m also thinking I might need to stock the Mart this week… we will have to see how productive I get. My DH is taking the girls on an overnight camping trip with his brother who is visiting so I’ll have a little time to myself. 😀 Woohoo!! Okay, gotta run and get the day started, but I’ll hopefully be back!!