Latest necklace.

Well the button flowers looked very cute! Somehow the day got away from me though and I’m not going to be able to get an auction up today… maybe tomorrow. 😀 I have a big date tonight, it is our 11th anniversary and so we are going out on the town tonight. Woohoo! I just thought I’d share what I did get done today, this SUPER simple necklace. I kind of like it because it is all about the beadies!! It was very easy to make as you can see, clear cord slipped right through the beads and then a little epoxy and your clasp is added. Tah-dah! 😀 (Cord and clasp and epoxy were all bought from Rio Grande.) It is fun and simple for the summer. I have also been making lots of bright sets which I think might look fabulous in such a sleek design… just my 2cents though! I know y’all have tons of super creative ideas of your own! Anyhoo… I’m heading out, hope you have a great Friday night!!