Look what I made!

Isn’t it cool? Okay… just kiddin’! I didn’t make it. I bought it for $30. Seemed like a deal to me! Heehee… I sort of want to embellish it but I am trying to control myself. I generally think more is better, but maybe not in this case. I bought the bracelet when I placed my most recent order from Rio Grande. They have some fun new stuff!! They have those wonderful Swarovski frames, like these. YUM! I got some in volcano and I have no idea what I will do with them, I am thinking that they might make a great bracelet link or something like that, who knows. 😀 I also got some rubber cord to play with. Did you know that lampwork fits oh so nicely on 2mm rubber cord? I didn’t! Woohoo! I also got some great sterling clasps to glue onto the cord ends and I’m working on whippin’ up a sweet and simple necklace right now, maybe I’ll have photos in the next day or so. I had planned to make beads for it today but of course being my normal scattered self I made FUN button beads this morning instead! What can I say?! Focus… hmmm… 🙂 I can’t wait to share what I made so I might even have to list an auction tomorrow. I’ll have to see what everything looks like in the morning, check back if you have a minute. Okay, gotta run, have a great night!!