Having fun!

I’m working on another earrings auction. I’ve made a bunch of Satake beads… they have the yummiest colors!! I’m going to try and make a few sets of Satake since I just saw some of the colors for Fall. I went out to buy some new “stretch” denim shorts… heehee… and I saw all the summer stuff is on sale and they are getting ready for Fall! SHeesh!! It looks like jewel tones might be big this year. Or according to my little local mall… which who knows, but they had deep rich colors that made me think of my Satake glass so we’ll see what I whip up. Satake is kinda tricky to use and sometimes I lose my patience… but this morning all went well so who knows. Enjoy your evening. We are going out with friends for dinner so that will be fun. šŸ˜€