Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It has been gray and rainy here which is rather unusual for this late in June!! My kids will be true Oregonians however, as they are going to swim lessons even with the afternoon sprinkles… lets hope the rain from earlier today doesn’t return! But hey, wet is wet right! They won’t mind. 😀 Happily enough I don’t take them, their wonderful grandparents do so I get to go make some beads. Heehee… Anyway, here is my latest necklace. The rope it hangs on is a spiral chain which I LOVE MAKING! It is super simple to do and goes rather fast! The focal is hung on softflex which is crimped at the bottom and then covered with a crimp cover. How easy is that?! I’m kinda into making this style of necklace so I’ve been making a few focals, I even got the 1.25″ lentil press which I love!! I can remember when I first started making beads how I thought “How can anyone make beads THAT big?!” Now I can’t stop myself…. Anyway, hope you are off to a great week. 😀