Where did today go?!!

Wow! Yesterday and today just zipped by! All this end of the year stuff at school for the kids along with a deadline at work for my DH has just kept me busy busy! I have been squeezin’ in torch time. Lots of flowers for next week. I’ll let ya’ know on Sunday or Monday when I plan to stock the Mart. I also have at least one bracelet ready to go and I’m thinkin’ it might need matching earrings!! πŸ˜€ I’ve also got a necklace idea or two rolling around in the ol’ noggin! Anyway, hope that you are heading into a sunshine packed weekend! We of course have rain! Sheesh…… Not to mention lots of construction, like a major highway is closed and it is graduation weekend for the U of O which we live right next to. I think I’ll be hiding in my studio ALL weekend and hope it is better soon! HA! I’ll be back with something new on Sunday… πŸ˜€ Chat at ya’ later!!