Yes… ANOTHER new auction!

I just love the black and white beads in this set. Isn’t it fun? Did ya’ notice this set has FOUR pairs! πŸ˜€ I also think the glass link has lots of potential, but I’m not sure that it is sturdy enough to go in a bracelet. Maybe one you only wore on special occassions… not one you wear to garden in or that takes lots of wear and tear! Just my 2cents… πŸ˜€ Anyway I’m sure you can think of SOMETHING fun to do with it!! Off to make some grub for the natives before they get restless. Have a great night… might even be back tomorrow with MORE new auctions… and yes I am planning on stocking the Mart one of these days. I had planned on doing it last week and then I just got obsessed with redoing my site! You’ll be happy to know I’m not redoing anything about the Mart right now. I’m done messing with web stuff for a bit… all webbed out. Okay, good night!!