Earring Addiction!

OH I am having fun making earrings!! I tell ya’, now that I’m into making pairs the whole process is so much fun. I really hated making the same bead twice before, but now I can’t stop. Woohoo! 😀 I also got my ODD Vetrofond glass. The beads I made with it are cooling down right now… I can’t wait to see what they look like. At first I was kind of bummed because it seemed like it wasn’t doing anything unique. The rods are a sweet pastel lavender which is a nice color, but I wanted to see some pink too! Luckily after a few more attempts I think that I got it to turn pink. Only the oven knows…. heehee…. I also made some CRAZY earring beads that I’ll share too! I do plan on listing some jewelry soon. I just discovered some upgrades over at Andale so I’m going to rework my “store” and make it look better. I never did like the Andale store layout or categories and I think I can now just bypass that and sell from my site and it directs you to the checkout only at Andale. Yeah! Okay, gotta go cook some grub and them I’m getting my haircut. Hope you are having some sunshine in your neighborhood… Ours left. It was rainy and 64degrees here today… oh joy… well, okay, that is great beadmaking weather! 😀