I did it! I posted an auction!

Okay, I’m back in my groove. I just listed a new auction and I plan to list a few more on Ebay tomorrow night as well. As my auction says I’m just going to keep things simple for the Summer! Not much chitcat in my auctions, you will have to find that on my website…heehee! But I am definately in a groove with making beads a bit on the small side. I find in my jewelry that I want LOTS of smaller beads instead of a few whoppers, and so I’m in that is what I have been makin’. Not to mention I’m thowing earrings together left and right these days and so it is a plethora of pairs around here!! If you like to make earrings keep checking in with me!! 😀 Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend and I’ll see ya’ tomorrow!!