Glass Links

Okay, I was going to finish the bracelet before I showed the beads, but then I found myself just trying to finish it even though I wasn’t happy with how it looked just so I could share it! Not a good idea, so I cut it apart …:sad: and am trying again…… 😀 Now that it is apart I thought I’d share the links! Arn’t they fun?! I love ’em! I’m going to use peyote bands to hook them all together to make a bracelet. I had the bands in all black and thought that was WAY too blah, so now I’m remaking them in fun colors. When I get them all hooked, and figure out a clasp, I’ll share a picture. I thought it might be fun to see the glass alone before the final result to just see the before and after effect. 😀 Anyhoo… I’m having a very mellow weekend full of playing at the torch which makes me oh so happy!! Hope you are enjoying your Friday!!