Blue Necklace

Here are the promised photos of my woven necklace. It is definately a piece that makes a statement! 😀 Now I think that I need to make some bracelets… and I have a few other ideas bouncing around in my ol’ noggin… So we’ll just see what happens. This technique is one I found in an old magazine and I like how flexible it is. Anyway, I really LOVE making the pendants too. Everytime I get that glass shank to work it just makes me so happy!! I have about five of them just sitting here on my desk… heehee… I’ve just been having fun playing and seeing what happens. Oh yeah, I made some cool glass circles, like the big holed beads but with no mandrel, hence no yucky bead release edge. They are fun, fun, fun! Forgot to photograph those! Guess you’d better stop back tomorrow to peek at them… heehee…. Enjoy your evening! Oh yeah… don’t forget… just click the photos for a bigger peek!