I’m so happy my DH has returned! Woohoo! I’m also so happy it is Friday!! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend of very little. Remember when your parents said that when you were a kid and you thought they were nuts? Apparently I’ve become my parents…. heehee… Anyway to start your weekend off on a happy note here are some of my cute little smiley beads. I LOVE them. I’m not sure what anyone else with think since they are a BIT unconventional… but oh well. (Can you tell just how teeny tiny they are? They measure about 6mm by 11mm.) I’ll throw a few over to Ebay soon and see what you think. I do love the new button technique I learned from Stephanie, the glass shank is just so much prettier than the metal shank!! That alone made the class worth it. I can’t stop making buttons or pendants! Woohoo!! 😀 Okay, gotta run. Have a GREAT weekend!!