Lookee what I got in the mail!

Oh my gosh! This is the coolest thing ever! I of course ordered more murrine cane from Beth Olson and she sent me this sea turtle pendant which is just amazing! I’m having lots of fun with the murrine. I have some very fun beads that I just can’t decide what to do with. I’ll probably put some up for auction but right now I’m just lookin’ at ’em! Her murrine is just amazing! It makes me think that I might even need to learn how to do it! I’m just not sure that I have the patience!! Anyway, I thought I’d share my happy gift in the mail. I just love sea turtles!! 😀

I’m not sure how much I’ll be around in the next few days as I have a beadmaking class with Stephanie Sersich! I can’t wait! I’m so excited!! I hope to learn some cool tricks!! So I’ll keep you posted and certainly share anything that I make that is interesting, although I generally make crappy beads in classes. I get so nervous working in a group or doing something for the first time in front of everyone! Sheesh… how old AM I? But you know, as the immortal Popeye always said… “I am what I am and that’s all what I am”… Heehee. (I don’t know why that just came to mind…) At any rate I hope that you have a GREAT weekend and I will certainly have a new auction starting in the next few days so stop back if you get a minute.