Warning… Kid story ahead!

Kids can be so darn funny! Today in the car I was telling the girls that I needed to color my hair. Of course they both wanted to know what color and I said “red” and they both said but it IS red! Oh the complexities of haircair! HA! Anyway my 3yr. old chimed in that she wanted to help and I said “oh no… it is too messy, it will stain your hands.” So being the ever helpful one she said that I should just buy some “oxy-clean” which will help clean everything up in a jiffy. HA! It was a pretty darn funny moment, even though I worry that maybe they are watching too much TV… but hey, I do my best! They believe everything that they see on TV and their little brains are such sponges! They just remember it all!! 😀

Anyway, I had an idea! 💡 I don’t know if it will work but I just feel that I am due for a new design here any day now!! Heehee… This morning I went and checked out all the local galleries that carry jewelry for a little inspiration. I’m always amazed at how tiny stuff seems to be so popular. Maybe I might even try to make some sweet and simple items just for fun. They were beautiful and very elegant…. But you know me, BIG is generally better. 😀 Anyway, I’m off to experiment and actually color my hair. Have a great night. I hope to have a new auction tomorrow or Thursday so check back if ya’ can!!