Beads this afternoon!

I plan to have two maybe three sets in the Mart this afternoon…. maybe even an Ebay auction. If not today, then tomorrow. I also hope to have at least one new set in the Mart each day this week. It really is easier for one to do one set at a time instead of listing all of them at once. I know, checking back is not always easy for everyone so we will see how this works. 🙂 Right now I gotta streamline things a bit as it is getting kinda hectic in the day to day behind the scenes here! Anyhoo, I’m always SO happy that you took a minute to check in to read or even say hi!! Really, it does just make my day!! 😆 Okay, now it is starting to hail again… 🙁 sigh… Better get back to making beads and taking photos so I can just ignore the weather!! Ha!