I’m Official!!

Am I cool or what?! 8) I now have an “official” blog!! We’ll see how this goes. I thought that it might be fun to try since everyone is doing it. Heehee, and you know me… I just GOTTA follow the pack! (NOT!) But hey, I just decided to give it a try because I’m one of those people that has to just see how it works. And anyway, before I got my iPod I thought “sheesh… do I really need it?” It is just a fancy portable CD player and we all know I never used that. Well, all I can say now is that if it broke I’d have to drive to the store and replace it right away! I’m hooked. So maybe I will love this as much, who knows. I’m not allowing comments… I know, what fun is that? Well… just email me for now! Maybe I’ll get brave soon enough. 😀 Beads you say? Where are they?! I got lots, I’ll try to put at least a set or two in the Mart soon but right now I’m off to Chuck E. Cheese for loads of fun! Ha!